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Visa Information

This is guidelines for applying visas

1. Prerequisites for entry

ㅇ Those intending to visit Burkina Faso are required to apply visas.

ㅇ It is possible to obtain visa on arrival. However, not only entry to Burkina Faso but also departure from south         Korea would be rejected occasionally.

ㅇ For the maximum length of stay regulated in visa on arrival is limited to three weeks, extension of stay length         should be applied in case of need.

ㅇ  It is mandatory for all applicants to take vaccination for yellow fever at least ten days before entry, and bring          the certificate of inoculation against yellow fever(Yellow Card) on arrival.

            * Medical centers available for yellow fever vaccination:

National Quarantine Station at Incheon International Airport Branch(Tel. 032-740-2703), National Medical Center of Republic of Korea(Tel. 02-2262-4833)



2. Process for applying visas

ㅇ After transferring fees for visas into bank account, please send all of the required documents for applying visas     to the consulate.

ㅇ All blanks in the form should be filled in according to the instructions.

ㅇ Documents to be submitted

     1)Visa application form

After downloading the forms, please print them and sign applicant’s autograph in the signature blank. (Autographs, in conformity to those in applicant’s passport, should be signed in both the front page and the back page in the form.)

* Do not attach passport photograph in the visa application form.

       2) Two photographs

-Photographs with white background within 3.5cm*4.5cm size (passport photographs), taken in last three    months.

       3) Passport

        - passport of which validity is more than six months in accordance with expected departure date.

       4) Copy of round-trip plane ticket (electronic plane ticket permitted)

       5) Copy of Yellow Card

       6) Original invitation letter

-Aims of visit, stay period, and host’s name should be specifically stated. In case of business trip, applicants  must submit their original identification forms of business trip in English. (countries for visit, stay period,    aims of visit should be clarified)

       7) Guarantee letter

-If applicants are supposed to stay in houses of their acquaintances apart from hotel in Burkina Faso, applicants should submit their own guarantee letter. Please refer to the attached file. (in case of stay in hotel, guarantee letter is not needed.)

       8) Receipt or confirmation of transfer account for visa application fees

     * If all blanks in the visa application form are not filled in, then visa will not be sent.

     * If any required documents are omitted, then visa will not be sent.

     * All submitted documents are only sent via post (fax is not available.)

     * Documents should be sent with the note specifying name, contact information, visa type, and address for               reply.

  ㅇ Visa Fees 

        1) Transit visa(1-3 days): 136,500 KRW

        2) Visa short stay(1-90 days)

            ㅇ One entry: 208,000 KRW       ㅇ Multiple entries: 239,000 KRW

        3) Business Visa(1-90 days)

            ㅇ One entry: 231,200 KRW       ㅇ Multiple entries: 270,000 KRW

        4) Visa long stay (maximum 6 months)

            ㅇ One entry: 244,300 KRW       ㅇ Multiple entries: 271,200 KRW

        5) Visa long stay (maximum 12 months)

            ㅇ One entry: 285,600 KRW        ㅇ Multiple entries: 312,500 KRW

              - With regard to long-term visa for multiple entries, applicants should submit round-trip plane tickets,                       qualifying documents and reference letter which certify applicants’ multiple entries for twelve months.


* If application fees are not deposited according to their appropriate type of visa, visas will not be sent to                  applicants.

*If application for visas are rejected, fees are not refunded.

3. Others

ㅇ Visas are processed within fourteen business days.

The following address

-Honorary consulate of Burkina, [07333] 9th Floor, 20, Yeouidaebang-ro 65, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul 

   (서울시 영등포구 여의대방로 65 20길 호성빌딩 신관 9층,  주한 부르키나 파소 명예영사관)

      * Please write correctly address to which applicant’s passport will be sent by mail in the wake of visa issuance.

ㅇ Bank account for depositing visa fees

- Nonghyup Bank(기업은행), 010-8593-2679

- Account holder: SungWon Park(박 성원)



 ㅇ On depositing all applicants must specify his or her name.

      - In case of application by three persons in total including Hong Gildong(representative)

          -> Hong Gildong 3

 ㅇ Receipts for applying visas must be requested in advance.

4. Checklists

t is strongly recommended that applicant fill in all the blanks according to the instructions.

ㅇ If original texts or copies are not enough to identify applicant’s eligibility for entry, it is highly unlikely that               application would be accepted.

ㅇ In process of examining submitted documents, additional documents would be needed.

Submitting all required documents for visas does not guarantee acceptance of application.

ㅇ Application fees must be paid only via account transfer(Paying in credit cards is not available.)



5. For more information, please contact with the following address:

        [07333] 9th Floor, 20, Yeouidaebang-ro 65, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Tel : 02-782-5998   /   E-mail :


주한 부르키나 파소 명예영사관

Honorary Consulate of Burkina Faso to the Republic of Korea


(07333) 서울특별시 영등포구 여의대방로 65길 20, 호성빌딩 신관 9층

Tel: 02-782-5998    Fax: 02-761-7887

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